How to Maintain Your Printer Without Printer Maintenance Service

You don’t really notice your printer unless you need to print something. Unlike your PC or your laptop that you usually maintain by cleaning and dusting, your printer gets ignored. And it’s only when you’re printing that very important document which is needed urgently and your paper jams or the ink starts fading, you realize that your printer needs equal maintenance. It’s better to regularly take some steps to maintain your printer and keep it running in good shape rather than spending a fortune on repair by a printer maintenance service for a small issue which you could’ve taken care of by a few every day, basic maintenance steps. And these steps cost you almost nothing, as it basically only includes cleaning and protecting the printer from harmful dust.

1. Clean your printer – Cleaning is simple. You would only need a cloth, or a moistened q-tip to clean the outsides and the insides of the printer. Cleaning would stop the aggravation of dust which eventually seeps through, harming your printer. You can also use water or a household cleanser to keep your printer clean but very carefully so as not to spill. In order to clean the insides of your printer, get a tool kit from the company or from your local office supplies store, as cleaning the insides can be trickier.2. Clean the cartridge – Take the cartridge out now and keep dusting it. It is the most important part of the printer and it needs utmost care.3. Protect your printer – At the end of the day, before you step out of the office or go to bed, you turn off your computer, correct? But most people forget to turn off the printer. Be sure to turn off the printer from the power cord, and cover it with something, a cloth or a plastic cover. This will protect it from spill, debris and dirt. It will also ensure clean and crisp print quality.4. Paper protection – Keep the papers in their original packaging. Leaving them out would expose them to heat and moisture and they would tend to stick together, which is what causes paper jamming. In order to avoid this, keep the papers in the original packaging to keep them clean and dry.

5. Keep it in use – Keep using you printer at least once or twice a week as it gives your printer the needed workout. If you let it stay for weeks together, the cartridge is sure to dry out.6. Get a printer maintenance contract – If you use your printer for commercial purposes and use it very frequently, then the best option is to get the printer company’s printer maintenance service contract. A maintenance contract will cost a little money, but you will have technicians coming in to clean it, and replace the toner and ink at regular intervals, all done professionally as well.Your printer has needs too; don’t turn an ignorant eye to it. These simple steps will help you keep your important office stationary safe.